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Dealing with Grief and Loss

Downloadable MP3 Audio!

Judy will share some of the skills you can learn that will help you deal with pain and grief. Whether you have lost a loved one, are struggling over a broken relationship, or wish to help a friend deal with their own grief this audio is for you.

Audio length: 48 minutes


By listening to this audio you will:

  • Learn that grief is a natural emotion and is okay to experience
  • Become familiar with the stages of grief
  • Learn skills to help you deal with grief and sadness more easily
  • Learn to prepare yourself for times when loss is inevitable
  • Learn how to explain death and loss to children
  • Discover tools with the power to heal

This audio will give you the tools and skills that will make life more bearable during times of sadness or loss. This class will help you feel more at peace and more confident in your ability to get through hard times and assist others.

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