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101 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help at Home

Downloadable MP3 Audio!

Learn to institute meaningful family communication that will have everyone pitching in their share of the household work! Tips for making chores FUN and methods of encouraging your kids to be responsible and independent.

Audio length: 60 minutes


By listening to this audio you will:

  • The importance of organization within the family structure
  • How to establish a weekly Family Council
  • Methods of organizing family chores
  • How the family can share the housework responsibilities
  • Ways to make chores fun!
  • Techniques for encouraging your children
  • Ways to develop mutual respect
  • And much much more!

This is a very popular class of Judy’s which gives parents, teachers, and caregivers solid suggestions for achieving more cooperation from kid. Help teach children in your care about solid life skills. This audio will help you to develop a plan for getting the housework done so you can have FUN with your family! Plus, you will instill a sense of responsibility in your children that will serve them into adulthood.

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